Welcome to Hulufists! Hulufists is the Kungfu school of Hulutang Centre for Daoist Arts葫芦堂. We teach traditional Wuzuquan五祖拳 (Five Ancestors Fists), Nan Shaolin Quan南少林拳(South Shaolin fists), Houquan猴拳 (Monkey fists), and Qigaiquan乞丐拳(Beggarmonk fists). 

Kids sessions are for children from 6 to 15 and adult sessions are for 16+. All levels are accepted. 

Classes are formal and disciplined. We follow Daoist principles that encourage people to become upright, healthy and respectful members of community. We teach the arts in a way that strengthen both the body and mind. Apart from the obvious health benefits, great emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the arts enabling students to develop essential life skills and self defence abilities. 

Portugal (Algarve)

Address: Sitio do Laranjeiro, 115-Z, Moncarapacho, Olhao, 8700-077

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Bracknell Forest

Priestwood Community Centre

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